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Towing and storage after a Motor Vehicle Accident

If your vehicle requires towing after a motor vehicle accident (/legal-services/car-accidents-qld), it’s important to understand your rights and obligations to ensure you’re not left in a position where you owe a tow operator hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Towing fees can add up qui..

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Contractor workers’ compensation information

It’s easy to feel confident about the work you do, whether you’re a construction worker or a nurse, when you know that your company’s got your back when you do get in an accident while at your place of work. You undergo health and safety trainings to make sure that you know the procedures so you..

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Building Industry workers’ compensation information

With the boom in real estate, particularly in the mining areas, you would expect a number of building projects to kick off, giving the industry the much needed boost it needs to get back on its feet. Residential apartments, Stand-alone houses, office buildings, hospitals, schools and government ..

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Money Saving Tips: Maximising Your Income

Making ends meet can be quite challenging these days but there really is no need to fret. You can say goodbye to that splitting headache that you always get whenever you budget for groceries, house expenses and all other financial concerns. By doing some simple yet effective techniques, you can ..

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Staying Safe at Work: Hazardous Jobs Made Less Risky

Almost all occupations involve some risk but there are those that are just far more dangerous than others. The most hazardous jobs include working in a construction site, being a logger, miner or firefighter and those are just to mention a few. The truth can not be concealed that these jobs ..

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Dog Attacks – When Cuddly Pets Become Ferocious

Dogs can be so cuddly and adorable but when bad luck strikes, these furry animals can cause some serious injuries. Queensland has implemented strict policies when it comes to ownership of pets like cats and dogs. The Animal Management Act of 2008 which was passed on December 11, 2008, promot..

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