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Towing and storage after a Motor Vehicle Accident

If your vehicle requires towing after a motor vehicle accident (/legal-services/car-accidents-qld), it’s important to understand your rights and obligations to ensure you’re not left in a position where you owe a tow operator hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Towing fees can add up qui..

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Queensland Black Spots – Dangerous Destinations On The Queensland Road

According to past AAA (Australian Automobile Association ( studies of Australia’s many highways, Queensland is one of three places in Australia that have the most dangerous roads. The medium to high-risk roads in Queensland include: Bruce Highway is found to be the..

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Spotting speed camera locations in and around Brisbane

We all know it…it’s easy to do…but be careful…there are plenty of speed cameras planted around Brisbane! . The Queensland police say that these marked speed cameras are for the purpose of catching drivers who are going beyond the allowed maximum speeds and assigned to discip..

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How to keep yourself and your family safe this Christmas

The holidays are fast approaching and it’s time for people to celebrate the end of the year with office parties, Christmas catch-ups and New Years celebrations. There are plenty of parties, days without work, vacation trips with the family and the like. Unfortunately, the celebrations are paired..

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Be prepared – Emergency Information

Today’s blog focuses on what to do in an emergency situation, who to call and in particular some strategies for teaching kids about what to when an emergency situation arises. Kids need to learn how and when to call triple zero (000) and there are some great games to teach them. There’s no h..

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10 top tips about motor vehicle property damage – what to do if you are not insured.

If it’s not been your lucky day and you have been in a motor vehicle accident caused by the fault of another driver (and you are not at fault), then there are a number of things that you should do: After you have taken the details of all the people involved in the accident, including names an..

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