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Contractor workers’ compensation information

Contractor Safety

It’s easy to feel confident about the work you do, whether you’re a construction worker or a nurse, when you know that your company’s got your back when you do get in an accident while at your place of work. You undergo health and safety trainings to make sure that you know the procedures so you can avoid getting into any accidents. But what happens when you become involved in an accident? What can you expect your company to do for you when help is needed?

Contractors are different from employees and other workers. Technically they may be working for the same company, however contractors are bound by a different set of rules from employees. Contractors have the ability to offload some of their work to other people while employees are required to do the job themselves. Manner of payment to contractors is also different since they get paid based on the job quotation instead of on a regular, timed basis. They also own their own supplies and materials while employees use the tools and equipment supplied by their employer. Contractors also have their own business name.

Considering these differences, contractors need to double check their contracts and pay particular attention to their health and safety regulations and compensation. In most cases, contractors who have no insurance and get injured in the workplace may be covered under the employer’s care and thus, may claim workers’ compensation benefits from the people who hired them to do the job. However, contractors who hire or delegate work to their own employees need to have their own workers’ compensation insurance. They also need public liability insurance for cases when someone gets hurt because of the contractor’s actions or negligence, like leaving their tools or equipment in places where someone can get hurt.

As the hiring employer of a contractor, you need to make sure about their insurance details. If you’re the contractor who employs other employees or has other sub-contractors, make sure that your employees all have insurance because you never know when something may go wrong.

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