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Gold Coast Personal Injury Lawyers

Sinnamon Lawyers have been providing legal representation to clients in Queensland for over 30 years. If you require assistance with claiming compensation, our personal injury lawyers on the Gold Coast can manage your case.

Car Accident Compensation Lawyers on the Gold Coast

Being injured in a car accident can prevent you from working for a significant amount of time. If you can’t earn income or have been left with a large medical bill, you may be entitled to damages. To make the car accident compensation claims process less confusing, Sinnamon lawyers can help.

From assisting you with legal proceedings to dealing with insurance companies, we will support you during every step of the claims process.

Gold Coast Work Accident Compensation Lawyers

Accidents are all too common in Australian workplaces. If you intend to claim compensation for an injury sustained on the job, Sinnamon Lawyers can ensure your case meets all the necessary legal requirements. Whether you have been involved in an accident or developed an illness related to your working conditions, we can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Worker’s compensation laws and entitlements vary from state to state. This is why it’s so important to speak with a local firm. Our personal injury lawyers on the Gold Coast can will always give you the relevant information for Queensland legislation.

Gold Coast Public Place Accident Compensation Lawyers

From private residences to shopping centres, public place accidents can happen anywhere. Covering a broad range of injuries, public liability law is designed to protect you from being left out of pocket. To receive damages, you will need to demonstrate that the owner of the property where you were injured failed to meet their duty of care (the owner can be an individual, a business or a public entity).

Without sufficient evidence, you may struggle to prove negligence. This is why it’s essential to gather as much proof as possible. Sinnamon Lawyers can assist you with building a strong case, ensuring you have a realistic chance of being awarded compensation.

TPD (Total and Permanent Disability) Compensation Lawyers on the Gold Coast

TPD insurance provides financial support to people who can no longer work due to a serious illness or injury. These types of claims often involve large sums of money, necessitating extensive negotiations with insurance companies. Allowing an experienced personal injury lawyer to oversee proceedings for you can make the claims process less stressful.

Whether your injuries are physical or psychological, proving your entitlement to TPD compensation can be difficult without professional legal support. Having a specialist personal injury lawyer by your side will allow you to identity the best course of action when it comes to making a claim.

No matter what kind of personal injury claim you need to make, Sinnamon Lawyers can provide you with expert guidance. To speak with experienced personal injury lawyers on the Gold Coast, call us today.

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