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Car Accidents New South Wales

If you have been injured in car accident, you need a car accident injury lawyer or a car accident Law Firm who can help you claim damages and compensation for the injuries suffered in the incident.

Sinnamon Lawyers are an expert No Win No Fee compensation law firm who can assist you in recovering damages following a Motor Vehicle Accident. We have successfully handled thousands of claims arising from various accidents and would welcome the opportunity to represent you in your claim against the Insurer.

Claiming for Damages

We can recover compensation for you including:

Any medical expenses including physiotherapy & rehabilitation expenses

Any lost income you have incurred, and potentially an amount for future economic loss to compensate you for the fact that your ability to work in the future may have been put at risk.

Many people are unaware of their right to claim future economic loss. As your personal injury lawyer or solicitor we would obtain medical reports to determine the extent of any incapacity you might have for work in the future and claim damages accordingly.

General Damages. In some cases we can recover an amount for pain & suffering

As a law firm expert in the area of Personal Injury claims we would ensure that all heads of damage are covered by the appropriate medical reports including the economic loss component referred to above.

Whiplash Claims

Many people involved in car accidents experience whiplash or soft tissue injuries. Sinnamon Lawyers unlike some other firms are very pleased to assist our clients to recover damages which may be very significant for whiplash injuries and the cost of treatment such as physiotherapy to help you recover as quickly as possible.

Would you simply like to discuss your rights?

Sinnamon Lawyers are very pleased to speak with you over the telephone or at any of our Sydney, Parramatta or Tweed Heads locations. Alternatively, simply complete our Quick Enquiry Form and we will contact you as quickly as possible – 7 days per week. We can instantly assess your eligibility for damages and provide you with advice on the means available to you to make a motor vehicle accident claim and receive damages accordingly. We can be contacted toll free on 1800 007 277 for a discussion concerning your personal injury claim or click here to contact us by email.

It costs nothing for you to contact us simply to obtain our opinion on your claim or rights.


State legislation prevents us from telling you more about ourselves on this page and we would ask that you have a look at the Why Choose Us page on which we are legally able to tell you what to expect from our services and to give you the reasons to choose us as your legal team. Please access that page and also feel free to contact our principal, Robert Sinnamon directly to discuss how we can look after you even if you are considering another law firm.

We're here to provide advice

To find out if you are eligible for compensation, please contact us either by submitting an online enquiry via the form on this page or by calling us.

  • Do I have a claim?

    Generally claims can be made by not at fault people involved in accidents when there is a person who can be identified as the at fault party.

  • Do I have to pay money to talk to a lawyer?

    No, you can talk to us about any claim in an initial consultation for free. We act no win no fee when we take on your case so we only get paid at the end.

  • How long will my claim take?

    Generally between 12-18 months as it take this long for people to reach maximum medical improvement. We can then assess how much a claim is worth.

  • What if my claim is unsuccessful?

    You will pay us nothing. Our costs and outlays are no win no fee.

  • Who pays the compensation?

    Insurers are known as licenced insurers for car accident claims. WorkCover usually looks after work accident victims and there are a multitude of insurers for public liability and total and permanent disability claims.

Please contact me regarding an accident

You can call us on 1800 007 277 or complete the attached form and we will call you almost immediately.

If you would like to tell us a bit more about your accident before we call you, please use the online enquiry form.