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Total Permanent Disability

If you have suffered an injury or otherwise been affected by illness that has affected your ability to work, then you may be able to claim for Total Permanent Disability or TPD under your superannuation policy

Most importantly you might be able to make this claim even if you were at fault for the incident which lead to you injury

Generally you need to show that you are unable to perfrom work and have not in fact performed work for a period of 6 months or so for which you are suitable by way of training, experience or education

A TPD payment is generally made in a lump sum and we are usually able to advise you within 6 months whether the claim will be approved

We act No Win No Fee in relation to these claims and would urge you to consider engaging us to make the claim on your behalf as insurance companies can be notoriously difficult in approving these payments even in the clearest of cases. We have the experience to guide you through the TPD process and you can engage us at any time teven if you have submitted your own documentation initially.

You should not accept the inurance companies refusal to pay your claim as the final word as in our experience, some refusals can be quite unreasonable.

We're here to provide advice

To find out if you are eligible for compensation, please contact us either by submitting an online enquiry via the form on this page or by calling us.

  • Do I have a claim?

    Generally claims can be made by not at fault people involved in accidents when there is a person who can be identified as the at fault party.

  • Do I have to pay money to talk to a lawyer?

    No, you can talk to us about any claim in an initial consultation for free. We act no win no fee when we take on your case so we only get paid at the end.

  • How long will my claim take?

    Generally between 12-18 months as it take this long for people to reach maximum medical improvement. We can then assess how much a claim is worth.

  • What if my claim is unsuccessful?

    You will pay us nothing. Our costs and outlays are no win no fee.

  • Who pays the compensation?

    Insurers are known as licenced insurers for car accident claims. WorkCover usually looks after work accident victims and there are a multitude of insurers for public liability and total and permanent disability claims.

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