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Worker Compensation Lawyers

Accidents can occur at work at any time. Common examples of situations involving work accidents are:

  • • Accidents involving cranes
  • • Accidents involving demolition
  • • Slips and falls
  • • Accidents involving forklifts
  • • Accident when people are burnt or scalded at work
  • • Accidents involving confined spaces
  • • Lacerations arising from knives and blades in a workplace
  • • Accidents arising from poor lighting
  • • Heat stress accidents
  • • Accidents when people work at heights
  • • Welding accidents
  • • Industrial deafness through exposure to noise
  • • Car accidents where people travel to or from or during the course of work
  • • Skin conditions arising from exposure from the sun
  • • Lung diseases arising from airborne contamination


Many of these incidents are preventable and are a result of poor risk assessment by an employer and the failure to correct dangers of which the employer was aware or ought to have been aware. If an employer fails in their duty of care to you then you may be entitled to make a common law claim in respect of any injuries arising from a workplace incident. Our Personal Injury Lawyers are available to assist you 7 days per week.

If you are a ‘worker’ and have been injured in the workplace, you should be able to obtain benefits under the Worker Compensation Scheme to compensate you for your injuries.

The Worker Compensation Scheme allows for:

Weekly payment for time off work recovering from injury

Payment of medical expenses

Payment of a lump sum for any permanent impairment – this is determined after the passing of a reasonable amount of time.

In addition to the above, if you believe that workplace negligence can be established, you can claim against your employer’s insurer for damages. Sinnamon Lawyers are expert personal injury lawyers in claims for work place accidents.

Worker Compensation and WorkCover

We encourage you to seek the advice of a personal injury lawyer before considering accepting any lump sum offer made by WorkCover claims following a workplace accident or injury. You may be entitled to make a Common Law Claim which will result in a larger award than the lump sum offered to you by WorkCover. Your acceptance of the lump sum may prevent you from making a Common Law Claim.

Both WorkCover claims and the pursuit of negligence (and damages) are complex actions. Strict time limits apply to the lodgement of these claims and the determination of damages.

The Medical Assessment Tribunal – What is it?

Before a common law claim can be commenced it is necessary for a claimant to attend the Medical Assessment Tribunal. Many claimants can feel daunted by the prospect of having to appear before the Tribunal however, it is usually quite a straight forward process.

WorkCover has set up various Medical Assessment Tribunals depending on the nature of the worker’s condition. The Tribunals usually consist of three doctors and they are held at 347 Ann Street on the corner of Ann and Wharf Street in Brisbane.

Before you go to the Medical Assessment Tribunal you will receive documentation from WorkCover being the referral. The time before the Tribunal usually takes between 45-60 minutes and will include a discussion with the doctors and a clinical examination in relation to your physical injuries. You are able to discuss your injuries with the doctors. You may have legal representation at the Tribunal should you decide to be represented by a personal injury lawyer.

Following the Tribunal examination you will receive written notification of the decision which is usually final. You will be then asked to consider the offer made by the Tribunal and it is very important that you have legal advice prior to considering any offer made by WorkCover as a result of the Tribunal examination.

Injuries at work

The types of injuries covered by WorkCover are not just injuries that happen on the worksite.

You can claim compensation for injuries that happen not only at work but also when you are travelling to and from work, on a break or if you are visiting other places as part of your employment.

The types of injuries that WorkCover would compensate injured claimants for include, physical injuries, psychiatric or psychological disorders, diseases, aggravations of or pre-existing conditions and death from injury or disease.

You can feel free to contact us to receive free advice as to whether your injury is the type of injury covered by WorkCover. A very important factor is to consider whether employment is a major contributing factor to your condition. Our Personal Injury Lawyers would be very happy to discuss this aspect of a WorkCover claim with you in an obligation free consultation.

Workplace Rehabilitation

Many people are not sure of their obligations and rights in relation to rehabilitation following an accident.

WorkCover generally wish to assist workers to return to work and will in the case of injuries in which a worker cannot return to their pre-accident employment develop a suitable duties program to try to return them to the workforce. The rehabilitation may include on the job training, to acquire new job skills or special assistance for workers who have suffered injuries that may result in them never returning to their pre-accident employment.

We are often asked by employees about the rehabilitation provided by WorkCover and suitable duties programs. You may feel confident in asking our opinion about whether a return to work program is reasonable. We will generally refer you to your own doctor or one of our doctors to examine whether the duties are within your residual capacity following an accident. Our Personal Injury Lawyers can be contacted obligation free anytime about this type of issue and it is important to realise that it is up to your employer to take reasonable steps to assist you with rehabilitation as much as it is an employee’s obligation to accept reasonable offers of rehabilitation.


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