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Perth Personal Injury Lawyers

If you’re thinking of claiming damages for a personal injury in Western Australia, Sinnamon Lawyers can provide you with expert legal advice. Our personal injury lawyers in Perth will manage your case from start to finish, allowing you to capitalise on your entitlement to claim. No matter how complex your case is, we can support you until a satisfactory resolution has been reached.

Car Accident Compensation Lawyers in Perth

Are you struggling to recover from a car accident? If you’ve sustained injuries or suffered financial losses, claiming compensation can help you get back on your feet. Apart from covering your medical bills and lost income, you may also be eligible to receive compensation for any pain and suffering you’ve endured.

From identifying the cause of the accident to calculating the amount of damages you’re entitled to, our personal injury lawyers in Perth can help with every essential step of the claims process.

Perth Work Accident Compensation Lawyers

Many injuries that occur in the workplace occur as a direct result of negligence. Getting hurt at work can derail not just your career, but also your quality of life. Whether your injuries were sustained in an accident or have developed over time, Sinnamon Lawyers have the skills and experience to help you negotiate a fair settlement.

The legal procedures involved with this type of claim can vary depending on your location. To ensure you meet the statutory requirements set out in Western Australia, speak with one of our personal injury lawyers in Perth.

Perth Public Place Accident Compensation Lawyers

An assortment of accidents and injuries can be classified under public liability. If you can prove that the owner of the property where you were injured failed in their obligation to ensure your safety, you may be able to claim damages.

Public liability claims can be difficult to prove. For your claim to be successful, we can help you demonstrate that the duty of care you were owed has been breached.

TPD (Total and Permanent Disability) Compensation Lawyers in Perth

Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) compensation can be claimed if your injuries prevent you from returning to work for an extended period of time. This kind of compensation is typically paid as a lump sum and may be used to cover both medical bills and everyday expenses. The amount of the payout you receive will depend on when you can return to work (if ever).

Making a TPD claim often involves negotiating with insurance companies. Sinnamon Lawyers can make sure your claim is taken seriously during negotiations.

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